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April 20, 2011 / uniexpectations

What do you expect?!

Welcome all!

Welcome to the blog for the Student and Staff Experiences and Expectations Project. This project is a very unique and collaborative research development that is exploring the gap between student’s expectations of university and the realities of university life and study.


Why are we blogging?

We want to tell you about what we are up to, share our results, and generate discussion on related topics. We will have many guest bloggers who will share their stories of university life, their challenges and their successes. We want this blog to have an impact on the wider community and to find out your impressions of the university journey.


Setting the scene….

Think back to when you started university… maybe that was a mere 10 weeks ago or perhaps it is much further in the past! Do you remember those first few confusing days/weeks/months? Did you find out the hard way that university was not what you expected? Did you feel that you wanted more time with lecturers/tutors, or expect that you would get lots of individual attention? It doesn’t take long to realise that in a class of 600 first year science students, that won’t be happening !

We are asking students about their university expectations and finding out what they actually found when they got to university. We have already collected over 6000 surveys from first year uni students (across the University of Adelaide, Flinders University, and the University of South Australia)!

Ultimately, we want to help school students gain a better grip on the realities of university, in the hope that they will be more prepared, and more likely to stay on and succeed.

Of course, there is a huge body of work going on behind the scenes so if you would like to read more on the project- have a look at our website


What’s your story?

We would love to hear about your own expectations and experiences of university life, leave a comment telling us what you expected and how it turned out!


Need to know more?

If you want to share the journey with us – sign up for email notification (on the right hand side), email us or leave us a comment!


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